Active Agers Outreach

Active Agers enjoy BingoCan't come to Mahaffie for a visit? Let us come to you! We will pack our bags and come to your location and entertain your audience with historical stories of the 19th Century. These programs are ideal for assisted living facilities, retirement communities, church groups, and others. Each program lasts approximately one hour and costs $85, depending on the size of audience. Mahaffie will send two historical interpreters in authentic 19th Century clothes to introduce them to the history of the 19th Century. We work with the activities coordinator to customize the program to their audience. To schedule your Outreach program, please contact Mahaffie at 913-971-5111 or email

Programs Offered

Special Events

Feb 7
12:30 pm
Feb 20
5:00 pm
Feb 27
10:00 am

View the grounds map to learn about parking and get a birds eye view of the site.

Learn about James and Lucinda Mahaffie and their historic Stagecoach Stop & Farm.