Day Out with Frank and Ella Activities

Wednesday July 30th and Thursday July 31st features the County Fair!

The County Fair was a time for farm families in the 19th century to gather, display farm implements, and enjoy games. The last week of Day Out with Frank and Ella features some of these activities plus the most popular activities from the summer. Activities may include:

  • Picnic and lemonade
  • Ball and Cup Craft
  • 19th Century Games-Graces and Rolling Hoops
  • 19th Century Laundry
  • Coloring Contest for Wild West Days
  • 1860s Living History: cookstove and blacksmith demonstrations, visiting the Mahaffie House and a stagecoach ride. Don't forget to visit the Agricultural Heritage Livestock Barn
  • When you arrive, park in the parking lot of the Heritage Center, pay admission fee, and pick up your map
  • Cost: $5/per youth (includes stagecoach ride and all activities) Adults are free, if adults would like to ride the stagecoach, $2/adult

Special Events

View the grounds map to learn about parking and get a birds eye view of the site.

Learn about James and Lucinda Mahaffie and their historic Stagecoach Stop & Farm.