J.B. Mahaffie Had a Farm

Famous as a stagecoach stop, the Mahaffie farming operation was even more important to the family.  Discover farm life in the 1860s.

Recommended Age/Grade Level

Recommended for Grades 3-8

Curriculum Concepts

This program is designed to meet curriculum standards for both Kansas and Missouri schools including economics, social studies and history standards.                                                               Download Pre and Post Visit Activity Packet Grades 3-5 (PDF)                                                Download Science Activity Packet Grades 3-5 (PDF)                                                               Download Pre and Post Visit Activity Packet Grades 6-8 (PDF)                                                Download Science Activity Packet Grades 6-8 (PDF)

Hands-On Activities

This program is typically split into four different educational activities with students rotating between the stations.  Activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Help with farm chores-"I liked stripping the sorghum after we picked it."-3rd Grade Student
  • Visit the animals
  • Visit the Blacksmith
  • Stagecoach ride

"They loved every hands-on, interpretive activity," 4th grade teacher

Special Events

Oct 23
12:00 pm
Oct 29
10:00 am
Oct 30
12:00 pm

View the grounds map to learn about parking and get a birds eye view of the site.

Learn about James and Lucinda Mahaffie and their historic Stagecoach Stop & Farm.