Join us in volunteering at the only working stagecoach stop left on the Santa Fe Trail.  Many opportunities are available for volunteers to interact with visitors, learn new skills or meet new people. Some positions require volunteers to wear provided period clothing such as the historical interpreter positions who interact with the public while demonstrating living history activities from the 1860s.  Other positions offer volunteers the opportunity to help behind the scenes or from home.  Volunteers must be age 16 or up to volunteer without a parent and/or guardian on-site unless otherwise noted.  Mahaffie is not able to offer service hours for court-required service.

Volunteer opportunities for individual volunteers

  • Historical Interpreter (engage visitors in hands-on activities)
  • Blacksmith
  • School Programs Interpreter
  • Special Events
  • Playing 1860’s Baseball
  • Sewing Period Clothing
  • Historical Research
  • Library
  • Maintenance

Volunteer opportunities for group volunteers

  • Maintenance
  • Special Events
  • Gardening

To apply please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Norman Pommerenke at (913) 971-5502 or by email. You can apply online at Volunteers.

Special Events

Sep 7
12:00 pm
Sep 27
10:00 am
Sep 28
11:00 am

View the grounds map to learn about parking and get a birds eye view of the site.

Learn about James and Lucinda Mahaffie and their historic Stagecoach Stop & Farm.