Collections and Archives Internship

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Collections and Archives Internship

This position introduces you to the management of archives and collections at a small historic site. If interest, you might assist in public programming, 1860s clothing construction and/or animal husbandry. 

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Scan, inventory and make housing recommendations for Mahaffie family photos.
  2. Assist in the care, cleaning, inventory, and organization of the site's collections. 
  3. Collect oral history interviews from community members who knew Ell Mahaffie, the youngest Mahaffie daughter. 
  4. Update Past Perfect database records as necessary.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

Education: You must possess a high school diploma or GED. You must posses the ability to work in a team atmosphere, have strong written and verbal communication skills. Proficient and knowledgeable in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook. College work in a related field and previous museum experience a plus. 

Working conditions: Must be able to spend a large amount of time outdoors and be able to walk, at times, one half-mile without difficulty. Must feel comfortable wearing 1860s clothing. 

Essential Functions:

Ability to read, comprehend, and speak in a variety of settings.

Ability to represent Mahaffie in a professional and positive manner. 

Ability to walk or stand for an hour or more at a time and work at least six hours per week for at least eight weeks. 

To apply: send a resume and cover letter to Katie Lange, Daily Programs Coordinator,