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Volunteer Family Games
Group Volunteer Painting
Volunteer Craft

Volunteers are valued members of the Mahaffie team! Learn new skills, meet new people, and help share stories of travel, daily life and farming in the 1860s.

  • Families are welcome to participate.
  • Volunteers must be age 16 or up to volunteer without a parent and/or guardian (with staff permission) on-site unless otherwise noted. 
  • School-related community service hours require a 30 hour minimum commitment.
  • Court-required community service hours cannot be facilitated at Mahaffie.


Positions for Interns

Other Opportunities

Assist in the behind-the-scenes operation of a living history museum throughout the year. Groups, students seeking community service house and individuals may:

  • Sewing 1860s clothing
  • Knitting (Thursday nights) 
  • Conduct historical research or assist in museum collection care
  • Mow, trim, paint or assist our carpenters
  • Garden or assist with the cleaning of animal pens
  • Prepare crafts, organize paperwork or perform data entry
  • Greet guests, distribute surveys and serve food at special events 

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